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We’re Hiring! - Join our team & gain essential media experience as a Crafty Intern 

Introduction to Craft 

The world of media is being disrupted by powerful forces. Channels have multiplied. Time spent on social media and online video has exploded. Media consumption continues to fragment, and audiences are everywhere. But great communications planning can bring everything together. 

Craft Media London launched in 2018 with the intention of filling that strategic hole existing between media and creative agencies. We focus on communication strategy that plugs into the teams at creative agencies or clients directly to help determine exactly what comms needs to do in order to meet business objectives. 

At Craft we believe that making media and creative align around a real understanding of consumer behaviour, having absolute certainty around how a brand behaves, and an intrinsic knowledge of media channels leads to brilliant creative work and outstanding results.

The Craft Founders 

Jenny Jones 

Jen is the co-founder of Craft with over 25 years experience in network media agencies in London in local and global roles. During her career she has won various awards and has been named as campaigns top 10 Media Planners for the last 6 years.

Sally Weavers 

Sally is the co-founder of Craft with over 30 years experience covering all disciplines from creative, branding and media. Sally is a member of WACL, regularly features in Campaign's top 10 planners and is a mentor to many people starting out in the industry.

We are small but mighty 

We are small but have already started to make our mark, giving some strategic love to brands both established and fresh: from Selfridges and Twinings to Formula E and Fever Tree; from wagamama and Interflora to BrewDog and Who Gives A Crap.

Working closely with our clients, as well as partner agencies from across the industry, we have consistently produced impactful, results-driving (and award-winning!) work. 

3 Month Paid Internship:  

This role is all about gaining exposure to the advertising industry and giving you the best opportunity to grow as you take your first steps into the industry. 

This internship will require you to be open and to be an all-round support for the Craft team while learning about the advertising industry. The role will offer hands-on experience within a comms planning agency that will complement your training in key tools and skills needed to be a successful planner. 

Job Description & Key Behaviours we need from you 

  • We accept applications from a broad range of educational backgrounds: the minimum requirement for this role is 3 completed A levels (C grade or higher), but students/graduates are also encouraged to apply. 

  • You will work alongside and report into a member of our Planning team, but you should be willing to help out across the wider team

  • Training on how to use key media insight tools for audience analysis and competitor spend analysis.

  • Tools may also extend to Touchpoints, Google Analytics/Trend data, Social Media Listening, & Mintel (and more) 

  • You should have outstanding organisational skills

  • You should have a proactive  attitude towards your work - Craft believes in getting the work done to the highest standard over hierarchy 

  • You should enjoy working in a collaborative environment

  • To maximise your exposure to the industry and your training experience this internship will require in-person presence Mon-Fri at our Central London office

  • Pay is equivalent to a £26k salary, offered as a freelance contract (meaning you will be responsible for your own tax payments). 


  • Send CV & note summarising why you would like to work at Craft to

  • Shortlist invited to have a 30 min chat with some of the Planning Team 

  • Shortlist will be given a short brief to demonstrate your thinking style

  • Present to Planning Team & Founders

  • Final Selection

  • Our applications close on the Fifth of August

We actively encourage the application from those from diverse backgrounds. 

Measure of Success

  • This role will be judged against the specific delivery of the outlined tasks

  • You will receive 360 degree feedback from the Craft team at the end of your internship

  • Both outlined tasks & training will be tailored to give you the best opportunity to achieve the outline objectives you will receive 

  • Halfway through the internship, you will be asked to start researching an area of interest, with the aim of presenting back your findings to the team at the end of the final month. This will allow you to build on your newly developed skills, as well as give you a chance to deep dive into a special area.

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