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The Oversimplification of gen z:

unpacking Gen Z's complex relationship with beauty; and how to win with them in comms.

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Think you understand GenZ & Their beauty habits? 


Think again.

We know what you’re thinking - another GenZ report. Countless articles and opinion pieces have been written about this cohort and their relationship wish categories from fashion through to sustainability. However, GenZ is not a straightforward cohort. We realised there are a number of nuances that weren’t being picked up in broad trend reports. Truly understanding GenZ is vital in understanding how to succeed in beauty advertising & communication.

The result is our latest report - The Oversimplification of Gen Z: Unpacking Gen Z’s complex relationship with beauty; and how to win with them in comms. Whether you’re an established beauty brand or a start up, there’s something actionable in here for you. In Q1 2024, we mined a number of quant, qual and behavioural data sources. We overlaid this data alongside every recently written report we could get our hands on. By digging deep, this uncovered some fundamental contradictions in Gen Z’s behaviour.


This report aims to expose the tensions that exist within this cohort; and using Craft’s expertise, respond with actionable steps that a beauty brand can take to effectively communicate with GenZ.


For example; whilst Gen Z are the most open & accepting generation in regards to others, they hold themselves to extremely high beauty standards. 46% think it’s important to be attractive to others; and they’re 58% more likely to think it’s important to always look perfect (Source: TGI UK). So they are obsessed with beauty; they know their stuff, meaning they buy a lot, and very frequently (40% buy a new product at least every 2 months - Kyra, State of Beauty).


Our report can help make sense of this audience's contradictions, and provide the right recommendations on how beauty brands can get them on side.

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