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The last few years have seen us train over 500 people working in a multitude of comms roles and capacities.


From creative effectiveness, to building a case for brand investment, and audience understanding through data, our team of senior strategists and crafty planners have created a wealth of training courses to upskill any team.


Below is a full list of courses we have available, which we can tailor to meet specific needs and requirements. We tailor all our training programmes to specifically address the challenges and requirements of each of our clients.

How to give your comms planning a BODY LANGUAGE: See and think about planning differently.


How to plan and think like a CHALLENGER BRAND: Building on literature and Craft's extensive experience to approach comms like a challenger.


Building CREATIVE EFFECTIVENESS through the funnel:  A combination of art, science and practical exercises to make ads that deliver better results for your brand.  


BETTER BRIEF writing: A top to bottom guide on how to get to better briefs and the best process to realise your ambitions.


How to Attack COMMS PLANNING like Craft: A step-by-step guide to give all paid, owned & earned communications channels strategic order and direction.


How to launch a TEST CAMPAIGN: 10 steps to consider when working with a new brand extension.


How to build your own BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MODEL: Simplifying marketing across different territories.


Proving the case for INVESTING IN BRAND: Empowering marketing teams with evidence that investing in brand building pays back.


“I have never heard a group of people rave so much about training! They couldn't wait to get going on putting it into practice. The sessions were brilliant - business focused, inspirational and a lot of fun to be part of. “

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