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How this week's Vogue World Paris taps into broader cultural trends

By Charlotte Netherwood, Strategist

Over the last few days, you may have come across a few iconic scenes from the latest installation of Vogue World in Paris. 

Whether it's Serena and Venus Williams taking the runway, Gigi and Kendall riding through Paris on horseback or Sabrina Carpenter making her runway debut, that's certainly been the case for many Crafties’ news and social feeds!

And if, like us, you're curious to find out more after a few exposures (first hand proof of the importance of frequency) then look no further for a Crafty take on what it is and why we love it.

So what is Vogue World? 

A relatively new event in the fashion calendar, the first Vogue World was held in New York in 2022 as part of New York Fashion Week, to celebrate the publisher's 130 year anniversary. 

Part live fashion show, part street fair, Vogue World: New York promised to be "a first-of-a-kind event" and it delivered

Since then, Vogue has run three Vogue World events, with the second held in London (14th Sept 2023) and its latest instalment in Paris (earlier this week). 

The last two events are particularly interesting, with themes spanning outside the world of fashion.

Why is it interesting and what does it mean for brands?

The Vogue World events are a culmination of broader cultural trends that have been gaining traction.

Firstly, the line between passions is blurring. The world of fashion in particular is increasingly colliding with other passion points, from food, to entertainment and in this case, sports

As more and more brands are realising (and embracing) their audience’s multidimensional interests, brands are injecting themselves into adjacent passion points as a means of capturing attention and buzz (see here our previous write up on collabs). 

But it doesn’t need to be that complicated! Knowing your audience inside out can result in quick wins (see here for a brilliant Abbott Lyon example, who used owned touchpoints to jump on a huge cultural moment for their pop and music loving audience).

Secondly, events and experiences are back! After a prolonged period of isolation, people are craving rich, real life experiences. And whilst it’s tempting to deprioritise these activations due to perceived cost, the real value comes in those who overhear (whilst only a lucky few attend Vogue World events, coverage of it certainly travels).

Finally, it’s no secret that Crafties are lovers of all things media, with my personal favourite media channel being magazines.

I may therefore be biassed but launching (and landing) a new event that captures cultural conversation in today’s increasingly fragmented media landscape, is no small feat. Sure, big fashion brands hosting events aren’t new, but the gusto and energy that Vogue World is being delivered with is what makes it stand out. 

It might not be as big as the Met Gala (yet) but continued growth in interest tells us that the Vogue World series might remain a staple in our cultural calendar. And we are here for it! 

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