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Food. You either live to eat or eat to live.

It used to be that simple. It should at least be that simple for people who just want to feed themselves and their families a healthy nutritious diet. But it’s got a lot more complex recently. Whilst choices are exponential, decisions at the shelf are ever more constrained by affordability. Headlines dominate with the continued debate on cheaper ultra processed being more accessible than healthier alternatives, a toss up between good for me or good for the planet on every staple and waiting down the road a groundswell of research that unless all societies takes a real hard look at their diet, we will all pay more through medicating the consequences.

And who knew back at the turn of the century the biggest influence on the way we cook at home would be determined by energy efficiency. Long live the Air Fryer.


But like fashion food never stands still. Consumers have to consume. Our motivations and behaviors towards food are influenced by a myriad of factors. Which is why we’ve tried to bring together the most comprehensive look at the state of food today.  Blending insight and data from multiple sources, we have done our homework and even read every other insight report so you don’t have to.

So what’s inside for me?

Perspective, Inspiration, Food for Thought? Absolutely and a dollop of confidence to help you make the right decisions as the world wakes up to a different kind of breakfast in 2024.

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