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Hitting Veganuary with a bang (bang Yaki imo)!

This Veganuary Wagamama is making history as they put a spicy vegan twist on a Great British classic: Fish and Chips. The new dish, known as “Tempura F-ish and Bang Bang Yaki Imo” is the first of its kind in the UK and sits at the heart of their 50% plant-based menu. They’ve teamed back up with Craft to build a comms plan that will ensure they start the year with a bang and get bums back on benches.

In a month where their heartland of 16-30 year old diners may only eat out once or twice, it is key that we hook them in and get them to choose Wagamama over the likes of Nandos, Spoons and Pizza Express - and then once they’re in have them choose to try a plant-based option.

F-ishing Smart:

We know that 75% of people who eat at Wagamama decide to do so on the day, and another 10% decide the day before. Our audience tend to eat out on Thursdays-Sunday, so we timed our run to deliver a high level of frequency on these days, and overcommitting to channels that have a high density of 16-30 year old diners who eat out at least once a month.

Lighting a Beacon of Positivity:

Our regular young diners are an optimistic bunch and see January as a time for new starts, self improvement and wellness. We also know that the regular merry-go-round of bad news makes them feel anxious. So we will light a beacon of positivity in moments and contexts where Uncommon’s humorous audio creative will provide a feel-good lift.

The campaign will seek out moments of positivity throughout Capital, Capital Xtra, Kiss and Radio X, wellness and mindfulness contexts within Spotify playlists, and trial non-disruptive gaming audio through AudioMob. A truly comprehensive approach to combining all audio channels bought with finesse by our friends at 7-Stars.

This will be reinforced with short-form video across TikTok and Instagram, retargeting people who’ve viewed Wagamama’s new Wok from Home Interview series, and in wellness and mindfulness contexts.

The campaign is set to make the budget work hard enough reach over six million 16-30 year olds. But by combining humour, high frequency in a concentrated channel mix, delivered at the right moments and contexts, will ensure that we are not only reaching our audience, but being noticed by them.

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