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Finding true London foodies with Hackney Gelato

This week saw the launch of Hackney Gelato’s first above the line advertising campaign, adorning North/East, and Central/West London with brightly coloured tubs of London’s finest ‘Hacktalian’ ice cream, accompanied by brilliant social videos and a page in the returning London staple: Stylist magazine.

Hackney Gelato are the proud makers of proper gelato and sorbetto, for the finest (Michelin starred) restaurants and living rooms in the land.

Craft worked closely with them to identify a strong growth opportunity that we dubbed ‘True Foodies’.

True Foodies are people for whom food is more than just fuel, it’s part of their identity. When they’ve not gone to the restaurant du jour to eat, they’re at home trying their hand at a recipe they’ve seen created on MOB kitchen. When they go shopping, they don’t just buy tomatoes, they buy plum pomodorino ‘taste the difference’ tomatoes.

True Foodies are found throughout the country, but most concentrated in North/East and Central/West London in boujee enclaves such as Dalston, Shoreditch and Kensington. Working with Goodstuff we built a digital-first OOH campaign across three in-charge periods, blending large and small format digital with Fly Posters and Digital Ad-Vans reaching over a million adults in London.

Hackney Gelato’s delicious Peanut Butter & Chocolate Gelato, Millionaire Shortbread Gelato, Raspberry Sorbetto and Dark Chocolate Sorbetto can be seen throughout Stratford Westfield, all the way across town to Shepherd’s Bush.

The OOH campaign is accompanied by paid social promoted videos of each flavour to build incremental frequency and reinforce the brand messaging that this ice cream is indeed ‘Proper Mwah’ (with obligatory Italian hand gesture!)

The result is a campaign that fuses beautiful and eye catching creative with selective media planning and buying to ensure that Hackney Gelato is unmissable to True Foodies, tempting them to buy from nearby retailers, and to have their own Hack-talian love affair.

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