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Craft Media to launch beauty report - The Oversimplification of Gen Z - with CEW webinar.

Craft Media London will launch their latest report, The Oversimplification of Gen Z, as a webinar with CEW.

Join us on Wednesday 12th June at 4pm for a webinar presentation with CEW.

Has Gen Z been oversimplified? Craft thinks so!

Many reports on Gen Z portray them as a generation with singular values, especially relating to beauty. Instead of taking this at face value, we've dived into data to understand them and their relationship with beauty, and offer brands of all sizes ways to address this in communications and advertising.

The presentation will cover five contradictions we've found about Gen Z and how these are affecting their buying habits.

1. Beauty is external: Gen Z is the most accepting generation when it comes to how others present but is the least likely to believe "beauty comes from within".

2. Routine is paramount: Gen Z say they are adventurous and like taking risks, but in reality, they are on par with Gen X and Baby Boomers when it comes to following routines - and more likely to have long beauty routines.

3. Standing out to fit in: While Gen Z pride themselves on wanting to stand out, they are 2x more likely to say their style reflects the latest trends, rather than an aesthetic.

4. Love/Hate Relationship with social: They are the first generation to grow up with social media throughout their lives and a regular access to the internet. Despite being digital natives, this cohort is more likely to shop in-store compared to millennials.

5. Not so sustainable: Gen Z seem to be extremely passionate about the environment, but when we looked into their behaviors, they are the least likely generation to make changes to their day-to-day routine.

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