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Say Hiya to Hiyashi

Wagamama is the home of some of the nations most beloved dishes. The Firecracker Curry, the Yasai Yaki Soba, Gyoza to die for, and of course… The Chicken Katsu Curry. But in those hot summer months, sometimes a steaming bowl of ramen or a curry turns the temperature up a little too high... So Wagamama are launching a cool new Summer Menu of beautifully arranged Hiyashi Bowls: a range of cold ramen and veggies with delicious sauces designed to be mixed together.

Central to the success of the re-opening is a young female audience of light casual diners who are excited to make their return to eating out. Our campaign will focus on reuniting them with their BFFs over a delicious new, or old favourite dish.

We’ll do this in three ways:

● Using influencer recommendation to make Hiyashi Bowls the go-to order when they return to the restaurant

● We know 75% of Wagamama customers decide to eat there on the day, so our comms will focus on the days they’re most likely to eat out

● Build mental availability through the week by delivering comms at a high-frequency to ensure we’re remembered

The six week integrated campaign will consist of TikTok, Instagram, radio and digital audio. A media mix consisting of channels our audience consume significantly more than the average casual diner.

Paid social content will encourage casual diners to ‘Say Hiya to Hiyashi’ and ‘Hey to Hawkes cider’ whilst audio will focus on describing favourites such as Yasai Yaki Soba and the Firecracker Curry in delicious detail to make the mouth water.

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