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“Nothing is a line. Everything everywhere is always moving forever. Get used to it.”

There are wildly disruptive forces shaping commerce, culture, and the world of media today; change is everywhere, and it is constant.

We believe that keeping up with the pace of this change is the biggest challenge faced by brands and agencies right now.

We also believe understanding these cultural shifts and emerging social trends can unlock huge advantages.

‘The New Rules’ is an irregular content series from Craft, dedicated to understanding change and identifying innovative principles and behaviours that ambitious brands should adopt now in order to thrive in the future.

Because in a rapidly changing world, it's the brands that understand what’s new today that will rule tomorrow


Issue #1

Another agency think piece on brand purpose? Yeah, we’ve written one. And we know there's a lot of hot takes on this subject (we've probably read most of them) but we think our ‘New Rules of Brand Purpose’ is the bees knees; a deeply researched look under the bonnet of marketing’s most pervasive yet divisive issue. In this expansive report, you’ll discover why purpose is only powerful when it is real, learn from the very best purpose-led brands today, and understand why Thoreau unwittingly cracked brand purpose comms strategy all the way back in 1852.

So buckle up: here’s The New Rules of Brand Purpose, from Craft.

issue #2 Coming soon…


All Together Now!

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