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Craft x Etta Loves

Crafty Start-ups

At Craft we have been overwhelmed by the support and good will which has been given to us by friends, family & the wider industry.

As such we want to play this forward to other businesses who are trying to do things differently. We have decided to offer our services on a pro-bono basis to a few start-ups to give them some free Crafty time, attention and guidance in the hope that this can help them thrive.

The first start-up we are working with is Etta Loves:

Etta Loves is a baby lifestyle brand with products that use patterns, scales and colours to support babies’ visual and cognitive development. The science behind the brand stimulates the baby’s senses to just the right degree, offering exhausted parents a moment of calm.

As part of the communications plan we have developed with Etta Loves we have recommended that Jen Fuller the founder tries to increase Etta Loves PR by finding opportunities for her to talk to a wider group of people about being a female founder of an innovative, creative and exciting new business.

As friends of Craft we know you will often be required to put on talks, showcases and presentations to your agencies and clients. If appropriate and interesting we would appreciate you considering including Jen as a speaker at your events.

If you have any further questions about Craft, Etta Loves of Crafty Start-Ups please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Meet Jen Fuller, founder of innovative baby brand Etta Loves.

Jen founded Etta Loves whilst on maternity leave with her first child, when she had a business idea that she simply couldn’t ignore. Having woven her business development around a toddler, a baby and until recently a full-time job as a Managing Partner in a successful media agency, she regards herself as a “nap-time and night-time” entrepreneur – something which is becoming more commonplace as women struggle to find the flexibility and support to return to their pre-child careers.

Jen is hugely personable and, as a one-man-band, is very hands on with every level of her business. She has learnt and taught herself a vast amount along the way and is a great spokesperson for offering other entrepreneurs’ advice. Her tenacity alongside the strength of the business idea has led her to turn a profit since year 1 and it is no longer a “hobby” since she made the leap to make it her only source of income earlier in the year. And this year has already seen her launch a Cowshed x Etta Loves collaboration as well as secure new stockists including Natural Baby Shower & Kidly, tripling her wholesale volume yoy.

Jen has become something of an expert on how to build a brand and scale a home-based business, and she is full of effective advice on how to turn a side hustle into your bread and butter using the power of social media and recommendation.

Jen uses her social platforms to not only promote her growing business but also to offer valuable support and honesty to new parents - around both the physical and emotional tolls of motherhood. She is passionate about showing every side of parenting, whilst also revealing the highs and lows that come with taking the leap into self-employment.

Jen has an inexhaustible energy that is not just impressive but also inspiring; her mantra is ‘There’s no such thing as work/life balance: there’s just life’. Jen is looking to expand her speaking portfolio and would add a warm, passionate and thoughtful angle to any conversation.

About Etta Loves

Etta Loves is a baby lifestyle brand whose products feature precise patterns, scales and colours to support babies’ visual and cognitive development. The science behind the brand ensures that babies’ senses are stimulated, in turn giving exhausted parents a priceless moment of calm.

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