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“Craft are


Nils Leonard,
Uncommon Creative Studio

“Choosing Craft was a stroke of genius"

Sophie Robinson,
CMO Stylist

“The craft gang bought us strategic rigour, fresh thinking and invaluable data. Above all else it was refreshing to work with a team who had clearly thought about the nuance of Headspace and built a point of view which was unique to us. They took it personally, in the best possible way. If you get the chance to work with them, do”

“They are fantastic at helping to form a brief, diligent in their research, creative in their solutions and natural storytellers in the way they return a presentation. On top of all that, they're lovely people and our meetings were often the highlight of my week”

Caroline Pay,
CCO, SVP Headspace

Zoe Collins,
Chief Content Officer, Jamie Oliver Group

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