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Hello we're


Craft is London’s leading communication consultancy.

We launched in 2018 as a challenge to the status quo and with an intent to do things differently.

We sit in the middle between creative and media agencies, in the space that has been pushed aside by larger agencies in the fight for profitability and efficiency. 

We ensure that a brand’s spend is driven by sharp strategy and executed with imagination and flair.

Our planning ethos is simple: Get Brands Noticed. 

Simple enough to say; but takes Craft to deliver…

We’re female founded, which shouldn’t be important or interesting, but it is. It means that our values are inherently different. We value collaboration, flexibility, fairness and generosity. Your business will be run by senior strategists and planners. So we get to the right answer quickly, saving you time, money and frustration.


We operate on a project basis because it holds you (the client) and us accountable. It keeps projects moving at pace. And it means that you can adjust the scope and point us wherever you most need us in any given month.

What makes us

Crafty Code

Everyone at Craft is a builder not a surfer

We push against hierarchy

We combine our areas of expertise to work with not for each other

So we all DO we don’t delegate

Nobody is too big for any job

We all work flexibly

We believe in the importance of holidays and the right to disconnect

We’re all in this together

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