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The Squeeze that protects the bees

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Rowse is a brand with a challenge.

Although a market leader, they needed to steal share and encourage consumers to trade up from the second most commonly bought honey- private label.

The challenge is the consumer perception that ‘honey is honey’, so how do we differentiate Rowse from other honey, in order to justify our price premium?

You differentiate on what you do, and inspire usage.

Differentiating on what you do

Rowse runs a number of initiatives throughout the year called ‘Hives for Lives’ - this includes funding research into honey bee welfare, training bee farmers to farm responsibly and giving members of a community in Ethiopia the skills to keep bees and sell the honey produced.

This is all done in an effort to save the humble honey bee. Now that’s a reason to choose Rowse, the problem was that no-one knew!

We identified a group of private label honey buyers who were not price sensitive and were eco-conscious. But we couldn’t understand why they were not buying Rowse! When we dug deeper into their eco behaviours, we saw that although they made a conscious effort to recycle or reduce their energy consumption, there was more that they could be doing - they were moderate at best in their eco behaviours.

When we dug into why this was, it was because they just didn’t understand how much impact a small action could have. So it was our job to help them understand, and convince them to trade up to Rowse honey by showing how something as small as buying Rowse, meant that they would be helping to protect the bees.

We didn’t want to bombard our audience with a hard hitting documentary - they are an audience who are willing to learn new things but their media consumption is mass, not high brow. Instead we needed to intercept their daily media consumption - helping them to understand how Rowse protects the bees with bitesize, uplifting and digestible information.

The lead channels for the campaign are TV & BVOD, allowing us to reach our audience during lean back moments across cherry-picked programmes where we knew they would be watching and often whilst learning something new.

We supported this with a Global radio partnership - getting presenters involved in the small changes that make a big difference, and learning how Rowse helps the bees.

Inspiring Usage

Although consumers believe that “honey is honey”, the reality is more complex, with a wide range of honey delivering a cross section of varying tastes and benefits.

As market leader, Rowse does not only take pride in maintaining the taste of their runny honeys consistently throughout the year, but also offers consumers choice From British Honey to Heather Max to their latest Fusion range (Chilli Fusion and Smokey Fusion, which are perfect for cooking), we wanted to showcase the versatility of honey in order to dial up desirability and inspire usage.

Partnering with the foodie bible BBC Good Food, we used honey based recipes to encourage our audience to use their newly bought Rowse honey in more ways - not just drizzled on porridge!

Look out for our campaign across TV, BVOD and Radio and BBC Good Food, and remember, not all honey is made equal!

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