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SXOLLIE: A Foodies best (worst) kept secret

SXOLLIE (pronounced Skoll-ie) is a modern cider made using single varietal eating apples grown in the South African sunshine. Vegan, with no added sugar and with a light, refreshing taste, a glass of SXOLLIE is the perfect alternative to wine, G&T or as an accompaniment to food.

SXOLLIE which means rascal in a native South African language perfectly sums up the brand’s personality - funny, witty, smart - authenticity with attitude.

The brand also has incredible foodie credentials - it is stocked in Fat Duck (as well as supermarkets), and being single varietal means that each flavour has a distinct taste, and a different menu of foods that it pairs perfectly with.

Growing a foodie brand requires a careful balancing act - you need to get it known, but at the same time, not too known. Foodies pride themselves on being ‘in the know’. They love discovering something new and being the one to share it - it is all about saying ‘I was first’, anything too big, too broad or too mass isn’t interesting to them.

So we had to take foodies on a journey of discovery - making SXOLLIE the best (or worst!) kept secret for foodies. This actually made the non-phonetic brand name an advantage - if you know how to pronounce SXOLLIE, you are truly a foodie in the know!

This meant that our comms were intentionally focused and narrowcast. Launching this week, we have partnered with foodie podcasts Hoovering, Off Menu, Spinning Plates and others to generate a sense of FOMO. We have built SXOLLIE’s taste credentials in foodie bibles Olive, Observer Food Monthly, Waitrose Food, Good Food and Delicious. Taking this one step further, we have also produced the inaugural edition of SXOLLIE’s quarterly zine - Tasty Rascals - a guide to everything that tastes good (a copy is included in every order). Finally, we also have a roster of influencers ready to reveal their SXOLLIE food pairings, which will be amplified in paid social.

As we are so confident that once you try SXOLLIE you’ll love it, all of this will drive to the SXOLLIE website where customers can claim a free bottle (while stocks last).

We are incredibly proud to have worked with SXOLLIE on this campaign, and to have been part of the team with Kuba & Friends and Project 4 Media. So put a SXOLLIE in your trolley and cheers to that!

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