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Sam is off to SXSW (hopefully)

Please vote for me to be a speaker at SXSW 2020. 

Not the opening line I would have dreamed about writing a year ago at all, in any guise, but here we are. Since joining Craft five months ago, things have been traveling at breakneck speed, entrepreneurial hustle, great planning and grabbing every opportunity by the scruff of the neck has been the norm. And it's been great. 

As such, with a bit of prodding from Jen and Sally, I've entered to run a workshop at SXSW 2020 focused on 'Understanding People Through Quantitative Data' (honestly it's great fun I promise). Initially a course written and designed for the excellent APG Planning Skills Course, the positive feedback from delegates made us at Craft start realise it could have legs elsewhere. So we entered it to SXSW and its made it through to stage two, which is where we need your help! 

I would be grateful if you could click the link,

and upvote my submission, and maybe even leave a kind comment too. The added bonuses for you, apart from watching me squirm in-front of a webcam, is that we can come and run the workshop for your team or business as it would be great practice for us and a small thank you for your time in voting. 

We only have a few weeks to get the votes in so don't delay

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