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PGL - Don't worry your kids will show you the ropes

Parents Get Lost or ‘PGL’ has been a staple of school residential trips for decades, but in 2021 for the first time ever they’re welcoming parents looking to book an adventure holiday for the whole family.

With centres covering most of The South, Midlands and Scotland, their physical presence across the UK is strong. However their mental availability amongst parents is low, partially because it’s been a while since they visited back when they were at school

Their Family Adventure Holiday launch campaign will aim to increase awareness of PGL, and drive consideration to book a last minute trip ahead of the May Half Term holiday and upcoming school summer holidays.

A high-frequency national radio campaign will feature kids looking after their parents as they react to their fears the way you imagine the kids would.

One son reassures his sulking Dad ‘I don’t know if they will have Oat Milk, but we can certainly ask’ after offering to get him a coffee. The spots finish with the tagline ‘Don’t worry, your kids will show you the ropes’.

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