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Ask Me - St Johns Ambulance

This week our summer brand campaign for St John Ambulance (SJA) goes live.

Running nationally across OOH and Radio, and extended with a digital video and display campaign.

The core goal of this campaign was to bring to light more of what SJA does, brought to life through the humanity and care of its volunteers. Despite its history, size and core role in supporting the NHS, it is often misunderstood as being a governmental organisation rather than a stand-alone charity. Often not helped by the official looking uniforms volunteers wear, and the only recent shift to using brand comms to aid the charity.

To help change this our approach has been to look at how we can use the people of SJA (out of their uniforms) to drive deeper consideration of the brand amongst the general public to find out more, using a range of stories to drive that behaviour.

The channel mix was selected due to its ability to give us the greatest possibility for breadth of characters, high levels of frequency- crucial for aiding consideration and the ability to be specific about the areas we wanted to be more prevalent in.

Alongside the paid media campaign we have worked to align PR and owned channels to ensure a holistic brand campaign that benefits every part of the organisation.

If you want to find out more about how you can support or become involved with SJA visit the site here.

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