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A Crafty Update

At launch we were very clear about our proposition and we have not swerved from this:

  • A single-minded focus on delivering communication strategies that put the craft back into media

  • A return to crafting media strategy that works with creativity and is designed to get noticed amongst the endless stream of noise

  • A senior team of people who know their craft

As a project based, plug and play model, collaboration is at the very heart of the way we work, landing a firm kick against the specialist (more often competitive ) silos that the comms world has developed into over the years. Far more than simply talking about collaboration we are paid to be collaborative. There is no-one in agency land taking responsibility for joining up the silos and making sense of the noise.

In the first ten months, we have plugged into over twenty different organisations including: creative, PR, media agency and media owner, to help them solve a comms challenge. And increasingly we're being asked to work as part of client teams as they move to take better control of their communications.

We have baked flexibility into the model. No-one works a full week. Our diaries flex around what needs to be done with no marks for presentee-ism. We have days where we get thinking done and days where we get shit done...and some days where we do completely different stuff. We hire builders not surfers, people who want to think and do. We've found that the model is working well to attract great talent back into the industry, particularly mums returning to work but finding that senior roles in the big agencies don't work for them.

The proposition appeals on several levels. Clients like clear project briefs not lengthy retainers, they like having senior people in the room with a point of view that can impact their business, and other agencies like having us on their team to help guide creative development within a clear comms framework. We are nice people, we listen, our only agenda is to do great work.

Our live client projects include: Which?, Collusion (ASOS), Nike Swim, Pertemps and we are working on another five clients that will go live in the next quarter.

If you follow us on any social media you will know that we have blended our own Craft gin that we give as gifts to say thanks to the many people who have helped us, worked with us, put up with us… if you want your own bottle, get in touch… quickly before it runs out.

For more information about our work please get in touch

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Instagram @wearecraftmedia

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