In August 2020 BrewDog was officially certified as carbon-negative business, the first brewery to achieve this.

Achieved through transparent full-scale changes to the entire business structure, not shady off-setting, or using smoke and mirror tactics.

Be Seen, drive action

Our brief was simple, make sure people knew, make sure they noticed and deliver this message in a way that drove downloads of the full report.



Plan for notice not just reach. (and make sure we were compliant within the boundaries of UK advertising legislation)

We overlaid BrewDog sales data with UK mobility data to make sure we could precisely map our audience movements

It was also the middle of a global pandemic – normal high impact sites are city centre located – but peoples habits had changed.  We needed to spend every penny wisely

Working with 8 different media owners across 9 cities,  delivering the campaign across 54 different screens with  50 different variations.




13,300 downloads of the Sustainability Report within 2  weeks of launch. Increase in awareness of BrewDog,  Increase in recommendation. (source YouGov UK)