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Bringing outdoor into the fold

HelloFresh approached Craft Media to help them plan and think about how adding a new channel (OOH) to their media mix could drive trial and sales of meal box kits.


The planning factor

We combined extensive client sales and econometric data with a variety of 3rd party sources.  Overlaying this allowed  Craft to focus on providing HelloFresh with a comprehensive matrix of opportunity. Considering all factors from site quality,  roadside traffic levels and food trends within regions. All whilst ensuring there was a scaled audience available in each location. This covered 12 different areas of the country, from  Reading to Bristol, Bath to Glasgow. 


We settled on Bristol and Manchester, as our test locations, and went big.

Strategic guidance

Covid-19 has driven huge changes in how humans travel and where they shop. We knew we needed to factor these changes into our planning.

We built out corridors of influence around Manchester and Bristol. Ensuring we were seen where people lived and spent their time travelling. We couldn’t afford to only be seen once or twice, therefore we opted for a four-week campaign instead of the traditional two. Maintaining presence over a longer period, thus increasing frequency of message and more chances to drive a change in behavior from our target cities.

We are now looking to evolving the approach to more cities across the UK, with new creative direction too.

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