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S’well are the market leader in water bottle in the USA, but in the UK they were the challenger brand to Chilly’s dominance.

We needed an idea that would help differentiate from the identikit category


We started with their sales data to see who was currently buying, the problem was they were everything you would expect: busy females interested in yoga and their family – if we were not careful we would be in danger of adding more vanilla to a cluttered market.

Food As a Luxury


Our analysis of the market, the audience and understanding the clients product portfolio led us to a positioning around food as a luxury, something that is made, enjoyed and savoured.


This would elevate us away from the competition and would help inform our channel planning. Our digital and social campaigns ensured we built this into our targeting and approach, not only on an interest basis, but on the geographic areas of the UK where we knew there was the highest index of our ‘foodie’ audience could be found, down to postcode level.

Food over water

Food was the key to unlocking this audience:


Our audience didn’t just love food – they treated food as a luxury.  Not fuel something that is to be savoured and enjoyed.

They spend time ‘scratch cooking’ spend money in Waitrose & Planet Organic and consume more premium food than anyone else.

Combining this with the unique product offering S’well had over Chilly’s was their range of food containers – products that could be used to keep salads cool and fresh and hot food, well piping hot.


Our outdoor campaign was designed to turbo charge awareness in London. However London is huge, and we only had a small budget


To ensure effective placement of this we were one of the first to work with Talon, an outdoor contractor who gave us access to their data planning tool which allowed us to access Telefonica data crossed with Nectar Card and Experian data. We built heat maps of where audiences who fit our audience build lived and commuted.

Plans that were crafted with the finesse of an itamae (sushi chef)

This allowed us to build corridors of influence to ensure we could deliver frequency of messaging to the right people- where they actually travelled.


Over and above this we looked to invest in large format outdoor sites in famous foodie area’s that we knew crossed over with our audience travel footprint.


Places such London Bridge/ Borough Market, Kings Cross and Putney. Were identified by reviewing social platforms, foodie sites & blogs to see what locations were most talked about and correlated this data with our Ada footprints.


GA data demonstrated to us a 600% increase in site visits during the outdoor campaign.


Organic Search traffic grew by 2000% and alloy decaying after the outdoor activity ended, has remained 10X higher.


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