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How should Amazon launch in the Nordic territories? The Nordics is a region that Amazon has next to no presence in, not even retail. It was essential to understand the Nordic streaming market and consumer behaviour to advise on the best launch approach.



Craft combined desktop research, data accessed through subscriptions and insight from Crafty Nordic local marketeers, to compile an extensive go-to-market report :

Key streaming behaviours in the Nordics including penetration, user behaviours, market maturity we also considered other influential factors such as broadband accessibility, adoption of English language, levels of disposable income and demand for content

Analysis of each key competitor within the Nordics including media spend, launch tactics, promotions, penetration, growth trajectory and positioning.



We delivered a ‘playbook’ for SVOD providers in the Nordics including how they should launch, position themselves and behave in comms. This provided insight on the ‘white space’ that Amazon could occupy.

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